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Main Responsibility

No.50 Middle Segment of East Huancheng Road,Xi'an
Company Profile
Northwest Power Grid Co., Ltd. is a State Grid Corporation basis of the "PRC Company Law" on November 6, 2003 in Xi'an invested in the establishment of the wholly state-owned limited liability company. The company is in the northwest grid (including : Shaanxi Province, Gansu Province, Qinghai Province, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region,
  Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region grid) within the national grid company-owned units on the basis of the formation. Area power generation capacity over 2,500 kilowatts and an annual generating capacity of more than 1,000 billion kilowatt-hours. Registered capital of the company 22 billion yuan. Company board of directors, the chairman of the company's legal representative. The company's Chinese name : Northwest Power Grid Company;
  English designation : Northwest China Grid Company Limited;
Abbreviation : Northwest Grid, the English abbreviation : NWG.
  Main Responsibility
  1,The implementation of national laws, regulations and industrial policies, the state's macro control and trades under the supervision, follow-up and implementation of the national grid company to develop strategies to market demand-oriented functions.
2, By law, the management company of all corporate assets to the corporate exercise the rights of the investors, the company equity enterprises, according to law, the interests of shareholders. The State Grid Corporation corresponding value of the assets of responsibility.
3, According to the national economy and long-term development planning, the state's industrial policy, the power of industrial development planning, market demand, and State Grid Corporation of strategic planning, organizational development and implementation of corporate development strategy, medium and long-term development plans, annual plans, and major production decisions. Responsible for planning the development of the Northwest power grid, the proposed Northwest power industry development proposals.
4, Management is responsible for the Northwest power grid, to participate in investment, construction and operation of the Northwest power grid transmission project and conditioning, power FM works.
5, According to the law on the implementation of the Northwest power grid scheduling management, unified scheduling, classification management principles, organizing, directing, guiding and coordinating the Northwest power grid to the security, stability, quality and economic operations.
6, Northwest inherited the original electrical Authority on the middle reaches of the Yellow River Water Regulation of the responsibilities.
7, Nurturing the Northwest power market, management transactions Northwest Power Dispatching Center. In the Northwest power grid and other power grid between electricity transactions.
8, Optimal allocation of factors of production, organization and implementation of investment activities, the input and output results in charge. To accelerate technological innovation and scientific and technological progress and enhance its market competitiveness, promote corporate sustained, rapid and healthy development.
9, Deepen enterprise reform, accelerate the pace of structural adjustment, transforming the operating mechanism, and strengthen internal management must be properly related to enterprise restructuring and streamlining institutions and the diversion of redundant personnel and reemployment work.
10, Guidance and strengthening the enterprises ideological and political work and the building of spiritual civilization, the State Grid Corporation of shaping the unified brand, improve the company's corporate culture.
11, Take government departments and the State Grid Corporation of other commissioned work.

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